About me

My career and projects.

If it were easy, it wouldn't be so funny


Since 2018 I have been working for Ticarum, within the group responsible of the maintenance of the Virtual Classroom of the University of Murcia, of which I became its team coordinator a little later. At first, I was in charge of updating the front-end development of the platform, based on JQuery and WebComponents and SCSS. Since the end of 2019 I have been in charge, as Frontend Tech Lead, of defining the right way to approach the new infrastructure migrated from traditional monoliths to a microservices infrastructure.

I am also part of the Core Team of the Sakai LMS project, an open source project with more than 10 years of history.

European projects

I have worked on several European projects during my whole career. While I was briefly working at Answare Tech in Murcia, I collaborated in the European projects: iReact, FloodServ and Itea 3.

Later, I have also collaborated with the Motiva project and, since 2021, I have been working with "Advancing and Reassessing Oral Skills for English", also known as Arose Project.

Freelance developer

For almost 7 years, from 2012 to 2018, I worked as a freelance. During this time I collaborated with various companies and clients to carry out quite different projects.

Among those that I am most proud of, I would highlight the redesign of Vocento's regional newspapers (La Verdad or El correo among others). For this client I also participated in the projects of Summer Beauty, Supersanos, the redesign of the ABC mobile website, nominated for the Global Mobile Awards or its platform Guapabox, currently offline, and Pidecita.

Other of my clients to mention could be the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the University of Lleida, The Virtual Museum of History of Education, Hefame or PCComponentes.

Feel free to ask me any details about these or other projects I have been part of.


In my little spare time, besides drawing and illustrating comics, I like to collaborate with small projects to help them gain some online visibility. The most recent collaborations have been with the translator and proofreader VerĂ³nica Gil and the indie videogame website Pepo the cat.